Chilli Festival 2018

Heiligenkreuz-in-Lafnitz is not only famous for its pumpkinseed oil, but also for an annual festival of improvised music that takes place in the hotel in the centre of this farming town. With a lineup of musicians from Canada, Britain, France, Austria, Italy, Argentina and other countries, the three-day Chilli festival that took place in September were jammed with creativity.

For set details, visit Gallery O on where you can use <Ctrl F> and enter Heiligenkreuz to locate these and more photos. Read Ken Waxman’s festival review under the Festivals link.

In the first block below are from top left to bottom: Carlo Mascolo, Hanna Marshall; Chiao-Hua Chang, Jonathan Aardestrup; Raphael Rotor, Herb Robertson, Yoram Rosilio.

Tristan Honsinger

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