Música Improvisada 2019

Also known as MIA, the 10Encontro de Música Improvisada de Atouguia da Baleia (27 May-2 June) featured days and nights of combinations of musicians from duos to “Grupos sorteados” on an overflowing stage. Ken Waxman’s review is on www.Jazzword.com and some photo highlights are here, including a slideshow. These and others are also on Jazzword in GalleryO; search under “Atouguia da Baleia”. Please Contact Us if your name has been misspelled or worse, is missing here. The ensembles changed quickly, so we sometimes had difficulty keeping up.

Shown above: Maria Radich & TS Hawk; Yedo Gibson. Carlos Zingaro; Mads Egetoft (left); Axel Doerner. Domenico Saccente; Miguel Facao.

Below: Helena Espvall; Pedro Castello Lopes & Fala Mariam; Paulo Chagas, Elisabetta Lanfredini & Jonathan Aardestrup; Pedro Santo. Maria do Mar; (3 to check). Ulrich Mitzlaff; (tk)

Slide Show

Names, where feasible, are embedded in the images.

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