The nickname Susan O’Solutions was coined by colleagues in the early 1990s to reflect O’Connor’s role in a range of workplace accomplishments and challenges in public relations and promotion. The formal, bilingual name of her company is Solutions Communications. Solutions has provided strategic planning, writing, editing, staffing, events management and marketing services locally, nationally and internationally for many years in contract and full-time capacities.

Editorial Services

As a public relations (PR) and communications specialist for Canadian television networks, corporations, professional associations, government and small businesses, O’Connor has written, edited, photographed, planned and produced countless types of print documents, websites, scripts, teachers’ guides, ads, commercials and events, both as a team manager and team member. Simultaneously, she’s had regular part-time gigs reviewing restaurants, and preparing listings of clubs and weekend activities for radio and print media, including Toronto Life. She is a meticulous editor who also educates PR clients and staff about strategies and tactics to best communicate their corporate vision.

A exemplary planner, Susan O’Connor has always been an information-seeker, outstanding organizer, teacher and leadership provider in the workplace, and more recently the classroom.

Educational Services

When an opportunity arose via a PR client to develop a business communications course at a Toronto community college, O’Connor launched her segue into adult education. She later developed and delivered workshops on TV distribution and marketing, and to help internationally trained professionals market their own skills and products to potential employers and clients. By 2020, O’Connor had been teaching part-time for more than two decades in combination with additional writing/editing assignments. An accredited public-relations practitioner (APR), she is also a certified Adult Educator and accomplished ESL teacher at college and corporate levels.

Her business background, additional pedagogical training, and continued involvement in business have made her an ideal teacher of professionals and students in such fields as technology, finance, construction and hospitality. She works regularly with corporate clients and college students in-class and individually to hone their interpersonal communications, writing and speaking skills. Her short customized course, Brush Up Your Business Writing is popular with individuals in property management, aeronautical engineering, the legal profession and training.

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Photography as been woven into many of O’Connor’s PR projects, and like the musicians she has photographed for decades, her favourite subjects are people working at what and where they love. This theme has appeared in many corporate publications and personal photos. Her music-portrait collection is described on the Photographer page of this site.

Left: Ulrichsberg 2019