2019 Two Stops in Portugal

The site of the annual Música Improvisada da Atouguia da Baleia (MIA) involves a leisurely bus ride from Lisbon to the town of Peniche, a surfer’s paradise on the west coast of Portugal, northwest of Cascais and Sintra. The bus station is near some fish-processing plants, at least one of which cans a delicious brand of sardines we enjoy in Toronto. In Portugal though, go for the fresh ones; simply delicious.

Lisbon itself is worth as many days as a visitor can manage. While the hilly and often uneven cobblestone sidewalks provide endless amounts of exercise, it’s easy to stop almost anywhere to enjoy the sights and sounds in any direction. We sandwiched MIA between two short stays in Lisbon. Festival photos are in the MIA 2019 dropdown on the Gallery menu above, and on www.jazzword.com where you will find Ken Waxman’s review of the 2019 MIA. Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @newjazzword.

From the hills of Lisbon to those of Peniche and Atouguia de Baleia.

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